The Selfie…

jackieIt wasn’t until about 12 months ago I heard the word “selfie”, I was sending some portfolio photos to an agent who noted “No selfies” and wondered what on earth a selfie was. I presumed it was a snapshot taken by someone in your own home, possibly badly lit and unflattering.

I was really behind the times. As someone who has spent a lot of time behind and in front of a camera, I should have caught on earlier. A “selfie” now appears in the oxford online dictionary and was also noted by Time magazine as one of the “Biggest Buzz Words” of 2012.

Selfies as Wikipedia informs me – are most common in women aged 18-35, so in 5 years I wont be able to be typecast in this group. For anyone that hasn’t caught on to the modern day “selfie” phenomenon it requires a camera phone, often a mirror and usually the person holding the phone up high giving the classic selfie pose of wide eyes and a pouting mouth often snapped in a bathroom or car.

Personally I don’t get the modern day take on the “selfie” trend. It takes me far too long to work out the process. Although…..I took my first official selfie the other day on of course a new IPhone. It took me a while to get the right angle and then I realised I could turn the camera lens…around!!! Oh this is good, pity about the arm in the shot. To be honest I much prefer the SLR and the self timer button if I cant get my husband to play photographer. I guess I really take an old school approach when it comes to the “selfie”.

However don’t think gen y or gen x or whatever we are, are the official creators of the selfie…

Selfies aren’t a new invention by any account- 2012 may have just included it the urban dictionary but even way back in the 1960’s Jackie Onassis clearly didn’t mind a family selfie…

Images courtesy of Tumbler
Information sourced from Wikipedia and Time magazine

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  1. With modern technology and a flourishing ego, I imagine it will only get more popular. Although, I am that person with the digital camera when out with friends. When I ask some other attendee to take a photo of the group, he or she will often comment, “who uses a digital camera anymore?”. Interesting post, thank you for sharing this.

    • Jessica Sarah Handy

       /  July 3, 2013
    • Thanks jessicacbales for your feedback , I can really relate to your opinion on taking a digital camera with you when out and about. As passé as we maybe, I have no intention of giving up my beloved (somewhat oversized) camera.


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