Cheap Chic- Under $30 Head to Toe


“Cheap Clothes” have their place and can be just as good as “Expensive Clothes”… if you select the right pieces.The trick to cheap clothes? The Cut .Opt for items that have a good shape and try before you buy- anything gaping, sagging and generally ill fitting can stay on the shelf cheap or not. Fabric’s such as silk, linen blends, cottons and other natural fibres give a luxe look, steer clear of flammable nylon fabrics.

I wanted to achieve a head to toe stylish look on a super lean budget-

I opted for a classic boat neck striped linen blend tee and on trend pastel jeans. Stipes work as a solid base and the pastel spot jeans add a fun relaxed element to the look. I have paired it with mustard boots to keep the look from being overly thought out. Pairing items with a bit of “clash” such as stripes and spots provide a bit of personality to keep it from being too bland.

Blogger Style Notes- Under $30- Head to Toe

Chain Store Chic-
Cotton On

Top-$19.95 on sale $7.50
Jeans-$49.95 on sale $10.00
Boots- $49.95 on sale $10.00

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