Is real life shopping a dying art?




The pro’s and con’s of mass online and fading traditional mortar and bricks shopping are both quite considerable by all accounts. Lets first look at online shopping….


-If you don’t like the shop/site you can leave immediately. There is no need for comments such as “I might pop back in later”, when you know full well you wont be returning….ever.  


-Online shopping often involves pyjamas, hot chocolate and way past my bed time shopping in the early hours of the morning. Plus you can shop in the comfort of your own bed.  


-You can happily add all the expensive items you like to your virtual shopping cart and if you suddenly change your mind simply shut the screen down with no hard feelings for anyone involved.


-You can browse an online store for hours without looking practically insane.



-It is cheaper socially.Take a break and have a 20 cent instant coffee at home not your $4.50 café variety.


-Rude shopping assistants don’t exist in cyber space.


-You can send it back without having to thoroughly explain why you bought such a hideous item on impulse.


Well that sounds rather impressive in regards to online shopping but wait, shopping of your traditional variety can not be dismissed. Top reasons for not boycotting traditional shopping….


You get to try everything on, this has to be the number one reason for shopping in store.


– When it comes to make up, online shopping is risky (was it tan, or early tan?- This could be the difference between terrific or tragic), safer if bought at the mortar and bricks option.


It’s nice to touch/paw the stock.


-Shopping in store requires dressing up– possibly one of the best aspects of traditional shopping.


-Shopping centres can be beautiful, Harrods has gold taps- They know how to make a girl feel special. 


-Traditional shopping often requires a friend to trail the CBD with till close. Nothing better than catching up over a credit blown shopping trip.


-The complimentary retail assistant “That really looks amazing on you”, It may not but what’s wrong with some ego boosting behaviour on occasion.


-You get a nice bag to wander around with.


-You can stop for a fancy coffee during a real shopping trip.


– The outfit won’t have been pinned at the back or photo shopped .


The verdict- They both have pro’s and con’s however it would be such a shame if the mortar and bricks variety died out.


 Imagine all the fashionistas  walking aimlessly around global CBD’s in their fabulous shopping ensembles without their fabulous shopping bags . Life would be such a grey boring place.







Images courtesy of Tumbler

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