The Fail-Safe Wardrobe Item..

untitledI was busy sorting the wardrobe the other day. It is a common occurence, well monthly actually. I pull out every item in my wardrobe and begin to sort, co-ordinate, remove, re-arrange and re-consider items of my ever expanding wardrobe. I know, I do not have anything better to do and I do enjoy this ritual.
I came across a pile of perhaps a dozen pairs of essential wardrobe items. There they were, the “Fail safe”, the “Go-tos”, the “I havent washed you for a week and you still look half decent” and the other roughly 9 pairs looking up at me in all their humble glory. If you are yet to guess the item I am envisaging, I am talking about no other than the classic “jean”.

Jeans are infact one of the most, if not the most “fail safe “wardrobe for women and men. They have their benefits -hard wearing, comfortable and most importantly- generally speaking anyone can look half decent in a pair of jeans.

Numerous magazines promise “The perfect jean”, I would imagine I have read at least 10 articles in the last year regarding jeans cuts for body types. Its a tried and tested formula, whatever you need, whether it be to balance, conceal or reveal denim will help you do it. If you are a pear, an hourglass, a bean pole, basically whatever shape you are denim loves you.Honestly denim is so amazing they are now even boasting jeans that literally make you a size smaller.

So I began to ponder do I own the perfect jeans? Well in the dozen pairs that sat infront of me, I have to say no. They all have their good parts and they all have their flaws (as we all do).

These are a few styles of jeans that have frequented my wardrobe. I have viewed and analyzed meticulously for your enjoyment and mine….

High Waisted Jean-These often come into vogue, fun to wear. I bought a french connection pair a few years ago and felt very 1970’s free spirit. I was so free spirited I became pregnant. Pregnant or even slightly bloated I would suggest leaving the High Waisted alone.

Skinny Leg- A must have, I am a woman of a wardrobe of skinny legs, skinny legs are my era. It took me a while to remove the bootlegs of my teenage years and understand the skinny leg effect- even my mother owns skinny legs.

Straight Cut- Stylish and upmarket. I admit, I am partial to a straight leg.

Cropped Jean- Usually consists of a cigarette style, works perfectly with pointy flats. Very Audrey, very elegant and perfect for martini sipping.

Boyfriend/Baggy Jean- Very NYC with a flannel shirt and ankle boots.I have never in my life worn this outfit but I like the idea of it.

White Jeans- Passe unless your Elizabeth Hurley.

Bootleg Jeans- Slightly Western and although I understand their amazing proportional benefits for pear shaped women I feel rather circa 1995 in these classics.

Jeggings- Legging and Jean- ingenious idea really, however hard to wear without looking cheap or worse looking like you merely forgot your pants.

Low slung/Hipster Jean- Fabulously slimming when standing up all though difficult to sit in a public area (especially if seat has an open back) without displaying cleavage of the other kind. My advice- wear a body suit underneath or discard, bottom cleavage is really not becoming and never chic.

I know I am just touching the surface on the in-jeanious nature of jeans. I havent even mentioned “House Jeans”, “Garden Jeans”, “Painting Jeans” or “Jeans I Need To Alter”.On the upside you can never have enough jeans………

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