The dilemma of the Balenciaga pants……

CSC_1030imagesCAEK0LQIFashion does crazy things to people. I have an item of clothing that is worth several hundred dollars, actually truth be told it possibly pushes a thousand dollars. I don’t wear the item. It sits in the top section of my wardrobe (with other items that are seldom worn) collecting dust. This item of clothing was considerably more expensive than my wedding dress or anything else in the wardrobe. The item is none other than a straight from Paris pair of wool/silk blend Balenciaga pants. I know what you were thinking…. you were envisaging a couture gown or a custom designed pair of Jimmy Choo’s. I am sorry to disappoint but these pants are the most couture my wardrobe has ever seen and possibly ever will.

I have tried them with several tops,shoes and accessories.Of course it is truly difficult to find anything worthy of standing next to such fashion royalty. The pants are too baggy to be completely honest with you and they require a belt to keep them from immediately  falling to my ankles. I have thought about getting the pants altered, but what if they were ruined? They are Balenciaga and its all about their refined cut and clean styling. No, nobody can touch these pants they are too precious.

I am wearing the pants in Paris I know that much. The Parisians would appreciate their workmanship and unmatched style. The Parisians however,may not appreciate why a woman is wearing her husbands over sized pants. Yes that’s right, they are my husbands pants and yes he owns the most expensive item in our shared wardrobe. They were bought for a royal affair, that I kid you not. My husband was in a room with royalty wearing fashion royalty.

This morning I wore the “Balenciaga’s” around my humble abode for writing purposes and fulfilling a mild billionaire lifestyle fantasy. It wasn’t a royal affair by any stretch of the imagination. I hadn’t even washed up. Honestly, who would wash dishes in Balenciaga? not me, that’s why they are back in the wardrobe ready to travel abroad. For today I have retreated back to my “commoner” wardrobe, but as for tomorrow that’s  anyone’s guess…..

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