Travel and the common palate……

coffeeWhen travelling the world we tend to stuff a lot of exotic fancies into our mouths and deem them delectable, possibly because  we have spent several thousand dollars to actually get to the destination, we are going to enjoy every minute of it…. and every mouthful. Travel and food go together like husband and wife, although on the rare occasion it may be better for everyone if they divorced. “Delicacies” from the globe in all honesty can be quite, well… revolting, not that most people will admit too that. Who really wants to admit they didn’t really like the “exotic fancies” that adorned their now cultured palate. However, for the sake of saving fellow travellers from these unpleasant or even revolting morsels I will give you a rundown of the 5 worst global exotic fancies I have encountered…….

English Seaside Seafood Vendors– I adore seafood. If a seafood platter is on offer I will take it, no questions asked. However, this is surely the world’s worst version of “seafood”. Picture this, a food van displaying all types of seafood on offer, Baby Octopus, Shrimps, Cockles, Winkles, Mussels and I think Pink Lobster. I bought a sample of everything (you get a nice polystyrene box to keep your “exotic fancies” in), first bite, it is reminiscent of what Australians call a crab stick or a seafood stick, which  basically constitutes seafood flavouring or even worse sea food extender and rumours of tripe involved. Slightly horrified but still not giving up, I taste each item they all taste exactly the same- this cannot possibly be seafood and on close inspection they appear to have been in moulds, I have been completely misguided this is not cheap, fresh or local seafood this has to be tripe of some description, literally tripe.

Egyptian Crisps/Chips– Utterly grotesque, heavily salted to the point of tasting like sea water. Impossible to finish packet unless completely starved and even then it would be an ordeal. On the upside I can see why Egypt doesn’t suffer an obesity problem with junk food tasting this bad.

Melbourne’s Roasted Chestnuts-I really wanted to boast a liking for roasted chestnuts. I love the look of this street vendor, its usually freezing cold when they are preparing these warm natural wholesome roasted chestnuts that look amazing, ready to be purchased  in  little brown bags. Unfortunately roasted chestnuts are in my opinion, bland and severely  over rated.

Italian “real” coffee- Again I wanted to love standing up at an Italian coffee bar drinking espressos and enjoying every fashionable minute of it. My husband can and I found it one of the sexiest things about him when we first met, does he really like this refined black tar? He does and sadly I find this fashionable drink  so incredibly strong , I would commonly prefer a half strength latte , not nearly as refined as the latter.

Swiss Cheese Fondue– Ok I love the idea of this, the glossy cheese, the skewers, the petite toasted bread. The cheese fondue has all the makings for the perfect dinner party delicacy…I dined on this personally undelectable delight in a  Swiss Chalet in the pouring rain. It sounds so idyllic and romantic but unfortunately sloppy shared cheese just doesn’t work for my common palate, shame I know.

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  1. LOVE THIS. I couldn’t agree more with those roasted chestnuts…


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