Cheap Skate….


Some days we just don’t have the cash to go crazy on luxury wardrobe purchases. I understand this completely, having items  from the near fainting  price tag of the Balenciaga pants hanging in my closet  down to 50 cent op shop finds and everything in between. What I would really love to buy at the moment is a pair of Isabel Marant Dicker Boots (pictured above), they aren’t the latest piece of footwear but they are definitely an iconic piece of footwear. They retail anywhere fr0m $300- $800 dollars and they are available from numerous online retailers such as Barney’s and Net-a-porter, sadly I am not getting a pair at this stage….. as I would have to forfeit my upcoming holiday budget and I may not be able to eat for the month. Anyhow, as this blog is aptly called….luxury on a shoestring, I have found my top picks online for stylish cheap skates desiring the  much coveted Isabel Marant look for less, ok they will probably only last the season, not a life time but you can keep your hard earned dollars….bonbons iconis 119.95 iconic

These are of a similar vintage, designed by Bonbon’s  and available now from The Iconic  at $119.95

spurr 29.97 iconic

Coming down the budget road even further is the slightly western and aptly named Sheriff by SPURR, at The Iconic for a comfortable $29.95


And these are mine  …. if you didn’t guess, I bought these for a mere $10.00 at Cotton On ….  and still available!!!

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