Winter Edit- The Knee-Length Full Skirt

image4xlWinter weather often sends all clothing of a frivolous fabulous nature straight to the back of the wardrobe. Winter tends to have us donning our more subdued items, no wonder winter weather sends people into depression with the grey overcast skies to  match our  grey dismal winter wardrobe.

One of my favourite looks for winter is using this years trend “The Full Skirt” or “The Skater Skirt” or even “The Fluted Skirt” , all of a similar nature though the full and fluted usually sitting at the knee or slightly above and the skater tends to sits mid thigh. It creates a key shape for this winter and will easily work its way into the warmer seasons wardrobe.

Choose a skirt of preferred style in anything but your winter staple shade, choose a fabric that is reasonably dense, such as Asos’s version pictured top left at a reasonable $55.19  pair it with thick tights and ankles boots to “winter- fy”  the look. As for on top keep the 50’s look intact and pair with a fitted cardigan, take it to an on trend “mod” look with a cropped textured knit or add a blazer and blouse for effortless style.

Don’t be put of by the volume of the full skirt– it has its benefits, creating an hourglass figure and the look of longer than they really are legs.


Blogger Style notes-_DSC0916

The Full Skirt- Cue 2012 at Myer

Ankle Boots- Monkfish

Cardigan- H&M


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