The Nature of the “Travelling Shopper”


When travelling normal shopping rules go out the window, as do our minds a lot of the time. I try to be restricted on overseas travel and only buy “special, unique, one-off pieces” and I have failed dismally on most occasions. These are some of my more peculiar travel buys………

The Wooden Clogs– The wooden clogs are from a trip to Holland and they really are a strange buy, for starters they nearly didn’t  make it back home due to their high wood content, luckily they had been sealed with their red high gloss lacquer. They are so heavy I possibly paid an excess to bring them back into the country.These large, (but luckily, not quite large enough to wear), heavy bright items have followed me around for the last few years. Currently they sit in my son’s bedroom, I just can not bring myself to throw these monstrosities out, they have made it close to a few charity bins but I just cant do it, where I go my clogs will follow…..

Egyptian “hieroglyphics” jewellery and plaques– I went completely mad over personalised hieroglyphic jewellery in Egypt, I bought a necklace, rings and even a plaque with my name written on it in the clearly too captivating to resist  “hieroglyphics” style. I unfortunately lost my jewellery pieces when I left them on the vanity in a shared bathroom in a Bondi Beach backpackers, I still wonder who is wandering around the country side wearing my precious pieces that unbeknown to them it actually says “Jessica”, if I had of known the fortune of my jewellery I would have had it inscribed “stolen”………

Venetian Mask- When in Rome………well when in Venice you buy a mask, it is impossible not too, a great desire comes over the individual that says “must buy mask” for possibly masquerade ball or fabulous wall décor. Venetian masks aren’t cheap either ,especially the “apparent” real ones. I think I paid about 60 euros for mine, It is a red cat that has eyes that are way to close together, it basically looks like one of the scariest cats you have even come across and would be completely petrifying to  any potential suitor if you did actually attend a masquerade ball. However I still like this travel buy and it currently hangs in our kitchen …watching us rather creepily while we cook dinner….

French Perfume… You seem to go to a lot of perfumeries in France, you end up smelling so many varieties of exquisite “parfum”  it becomes impossible to smell anything in the end. The sell is usually a hefty price tag with the motto “it will last you for years……”, they were right I have a bottle of Vanilla perfume from France that is only halfway used after several years. Shame I outgrew smelling like Vanilla…….

Singapore Kaftan- I bought this smashing item 3 years ago, it was hot pink, covered in birds of some description and made of the silkiest….satin. This was not an expensive travel buy, about 5 Australia dollars and boy did I get some wear out of it. The Singaporean kaftan or as my husband called it “The Blanche” (if your familiar with The Golden Girls TV show you will understand) was worn till death, it was a pregnancy favourite. Funnily enough I should become a trend forecaster as this print went “global” I saw my Singaporean kaftan look alike on television shows and mainstream department stores. Gosh “The Blanche” and I sure were ahead of our time, I knew I was onto a good thing….

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