The Well Dressed Woman’s Do’s & Dont’s

1920sDosAndDonts2_lrStyle notes from 1925….

Yes you heard correct 1925, I was given this book as a gift half in humour and the other half in the gift giver actually knowing I would possibly seriously take the information on board. 1925 was still dominated by the class system, however the author of this book notes it is for “the average woman” bearing in mind that apparently the average woman should have….. a fur coat and never to be seen in imitation fur; a milliner on hand and a first class tailor are all essentials. Clearly this book was written before political correctness was even heard of which makes it all the more amusing…

Here is a run down on Elise Vallee’s advice…. (take note it would be impossible to live up to this standard even for Anna Wintour….)


“Unless nature has given you a beautiful face you will be wiser to create one for yourself “– Not exactly empowering to women to accept their flaws!!!

“Avoid greasy lip-salves- they are vulgar looking”- True pale pink greasy lips are not a good look


“..If you are fat, then a rigid diet is best”– Harsh with some amount of truth

“If you are too thin (almost an impossibility these days), however she does note …”a flat chested appearance can be carried too far”- Harsh with some amount of truth

Clothing, Accessories and Footwear-

“Cheap clothes have nothing to recommend them except their cheapness-Everything else is against them”- I am guessing they didn’t have reduced to clear designer online shops in 1925!!!

“Don’t buy model frocks unless you are really stock size-“completely true and my personal favourite , I think I prefer this term as opposed to sample size.

“Don’t wear your hat perched on top of your head”– obviously

“…Many doctors condemn low heels unhealthy”- I would like to believe this….

However her best advice and  I really love this – “All fashions are beautiful–not, perhaps the first day or two; but after we have seen a thing worn a certain number of times we find it attractive because our eyes become accustomed to it.”

You were spot on there Elise Vallee- If you would like to hear more of Elise Vallee’s style notes you can purchase your very own copy at

Text provided by- The Well Dressed Woman’s Do’s and Don’ts- Elise Vallee, Ebury Press,

Italic text quoted directly from The Well Dressed Woman’s Do’s and Don’ts- Elise Vallee, Ebury Press,

Images provided by

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