Fashionable Flags……


Type British Décor into your search engine and you will be greeted by a bazillion images of every item imaginable covered in the much coveted Union Jack. Personally although the trend has been around for awhile and I am not ashamed to admit I am still partial to it. It works well on many levels it can be arty, funky and frankly pretty darn stylish.

In contrast type Australian Décor into your search engine and there isn’t a lot to look at infact I think it gave me an image of a giant pair of rubber flip flops, no not arty, funky or remotely stylish. I thought about other flags that were attractive such as the Canadian flag, perhaps they do décor that I had just missed…no just a small amount of cup cake toppers with their maple leaf and some low key canvas prints.

I don’t know why but the union jack has mass appeal whether is stemmed from Ginger Spice in her sequinned boob tube Union Jack number is anyone’s guess. Again this is a trend that seeps into fashion, I recently bought a union jack jumper or sweater for you Canadians :-), Its not the newest thing in fashion but again I have a soft spot for this trend.

I guess I wish I was English and I am not, however my husband luckily is….well half and he came with an English passport !! I am hoping that perhaps this will entitle me to reside in England for longer than my 2 year now well expired visa. I can just see it now…. A whole house decked out in Union Jack Décor…

Here are 3 of my favourite pieces from less to luxe……


Starting at the less price point is your cult classic- the union jack cushion- This one is for Etsy  retailing at $16.05 Australian dollars  and it is sent all the way from fashionable France.

Commode with British Flag

   I found this at “RG The Shop Library” titled “Commode with British Flag”, priced on the luxe side of things from $1,450.00

smegOh and if you are ever to get excited about a fridge then at least make it a SMEG. I love this and you can view it on SMEG’s website,, oh and FYI they also do it in an Australian Flag version, I kid you not.

Images provided by, R.G The Shop Library, Etsy &

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  1. Jules

     /  January 31, 2014

    I love the union jack stuff but I think its hard to blend in with a lot of rooms.


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