Tacky Slogan Tees….


If you want to disgust me… Then this is the way to do it, don a tacky slogan tee. Here is a rundown on some of the best or should I say worst….

Striped newborn onesie’s sporting slogans such as “I have spent 9 months on the inside” or “If you think I am cute wait till you see mummy/daddy/nanny/poppy/aunty/uncle” almost as bad although ever so slightly more tasteful then the latter. If you must do it just purchase the bib.

“Is it sexy in here or is it just me?” , seriously this should be a complete repellent for any woman, I actually disturbingly so, briefly dated a man that wore such t-shirts. In hindsight it was brief but not brief enough having to endure the public smirks, thumbs ups and love your t shirt comments from complete strangers… Possibly worse still is the popular “I am with D@C% head” complete with an arrow pointing to well their D$%K head friend.

Vegetarian Slogans such as “I am a vegan for life” , are you? well that must be completely fantastic for you, however I want to know that as much as you want to know my eating habits, nil .

Faux Luxury Brands emblazed in glitter across too tight t-shirts that were purchased for about 10 dollars at some kind of cheap mass produced market. “You are not fooling anyone with that darling….”

“These are real”- Fabulous for ladies of the night, if you want to really degrade yourself even further what about just writing “Grab a feel here”…..

 Anything from the gold coast in particular white t-shirts with not only  a “bite” cut out of the side, featuring red dye splashed up the side with some kind of slogan about “the great white…..” is banned

Basically if your going to wear a tacky slogan t-shirt reserve it to wear to bed, and even then don’t turn the lights on…It would be kinder for everyone involved and finally under no circumstance ever wear an apron with a nude print of Michelangelo’s David on it….. ever


Images provided by Zazzle

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