Designer Rugrats…..

If you happen to browse children’s clothing online you will find a multitude of baby/toddler wear that is priced well rather over priced…. High End Designer baby wear. If you don’t have children you probably don’t research such things rather you research unaffordable items for yourself, I still find plenty of time to do that don’t worry but I do spend some time finding designer looks for my little rug rat.


There are so many choices in children’s clothing you can go all out you can start at the top of the elite fashion chain…. A Gucci onesie sells around the $220.00 mark, However if my baby happened to vomit on this ensemble I just couldn’t see myself chucking it in the wash and not giving it a second thought, I would be mortified, envisaging 220.00 dollars just washing itself away down the washing machine gurgler…..

Coming down the scale a few notches is the more affordable but still completely fabulous range that I fortunately prefer. There is a stream of great quirky stylish designer wear online. These are  3 of my  favourite pieces- (I am going to devote this section to baby/toddler/boys today…)

Baby goes – Scandinavian Street Styled Clothing

Really  quirky fashion with a European feel, great range of collared shirts with funky patterns- Shirt pictured $34.95 currently on sale (limited sizes) $19.95Baby Goes Retro- Collar Shirt-Autumn Fruit au$34.95

Oh this is just sooo adorable, Its from John in the U.K and they ship to Australia plus even the queen has given John Lewis her seal of approval stamp and I think this number is rather regal, This gorgeous little number is 15 pounds and is 100 per cent cotton. I just love its nautical traditional look.


Oh and lastly and not least Catamini, at, Catamini is a French label that first opened in the 70’s they have really modern pieces as well as some traditional pieces.

I would love to buy this piece for a new mum… actually I may just buy it for myself and pop it in the cupboard just in case….12h_ca32091_12

Catamini Spirit City Striped Top and Cat Print Playsuit- On sale $55 dollars (size 18months) at

Remember,dressing your little munchkin is a great part of being a mum, in fact I say you might as well make the most of it before they refuse to wear anything that you remotely like.


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