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 My mum is 56 or near about… I have noticed in the past years some changes in my mother. I don’t know if she is aware of these changes but let me tell you if they continue she is going to be a right hoot for the grandkids when they are older. Its as if somebody switched a light on in her head and all of a sudden she exploded with personality, like really cool eccentric person personality….. she quit her job, built a business…started playing ukulele, learnt to paint (and very fantastically at that) , let her hair grow long and grey, started back packing around Asia, got a new wardrobe of fashionably off beat pieces and even throws a few f bombs into daily conversation (sorry mum but you do these days).
It gave me something to ponder; as we age do we simply let go? I don’t mean let go as in you suddenly wake up one day and decide to live in track pants and wash your hair once a month, that is totally uncool and un-fabulous. I mean let go in a fabulous sense. It made me think of other women that are truly fabulous as they age and not in that “I have had way too much plastic surgery  kind of way….”
These are my 3 on my favourite 60 something women…..
Margaret Pomeranz- Did you ever watched At The Movies with Margaret and David? I have probably more times than I care to remember, I don’t remember purposely tuning into Margaret and David but I have watched and possibly secretly enjoyed watching the bickering of the two. Anyhow, Margaret is not only clever, I think off hand she is a producer, journalist, she has even acted in the Australian classic Priscilla Queen of the Desert but aside from all that she is ridiculously stylish. If you Wikipedia Margaret it says something of this effect- Margaret had a strong following on her large earrings worn on At The Movies ( I know, on the same page as being a producer, fashion really gaining credibility). Wikipedia in this instance is spot on, Margaret wore amazing earrings with her funky so not old person hairdo… plus she wore the most unusual yet stylish clothes.. It probably really is worth tuning into some Sunday afternoon repeats just to take notes on Margaret Pomeranz’s style oh and David’s grey suit. Yawn.
Diane Keaton- I love Diane Keaton, I think it was in that movie with Jack Nicholson that I really fell in love with her, or perhaps her character…. I love her red carpet sense of style, the tuxedo with a high neck skivvy underneath with the patent brogues and weird round thick glass glasses, god sometimes she even puts a matching hat on with gloves!!! I know what your thinking… that sounds horrific??  Well it kind of is… but it is so her, which makes it so right… its completely fabulous. I also love her laugh it reminds me of a deranged hyena. Diane you are an absolute fabulous over 60.
Anna Wintour- I am astounded by this…. Anna Wintour is in her 60’s, fact. Personally if I ever ran into Anna Wintour I would feel slightly ill and possibly frightened ( god what would one wear to meet Anna Wintour??), she really is a powerful woman. Did you see The September Issue??? , people were simply petrified of the woman. However I do think she is a fabulous over 60- The woman is just so driven, focused and capable and I bet she has a wicked sense of humour when the cameras aren’t rolling. Anna Wintour is a woman that deserves to be filthy rich and the fact she reportedly  banned talentless reality stars from the Met Gala last month makes me love her even more.
Images courtesy of smh.com.au and getty images
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