The Chanel Bag

 Chanel-Hula-Hoop-BagI own a bottle of Chanel perfume, my husband bought it for my birthday. I really love it. It is  glamorous, pretty and I love the bottle sitting up on the vanity. I have always, as a lot of people do have an affinity to Coco Chanel- I have no idea why, I just like the romantic notion of the brand. Possibly more realistically I know that buying Chanel items are reserved for special occasions, like your 25th wedding anniversary for example. Basically when hopefully your house is paid off, your kids have moved out and you own several black BMW’s outright. Ok so the likely hood of that is slim to none however I am hopeful I will invest in a Chanel bag at one point in this life time.

I have had an experience of fake Chanel. It was when I was 21 on an overseas holiday, Paris nonetheless. The street sellers were selling rip offs as they  still do,I am sure. I bought none other than a hot pink envelope shaped Chanel handbag. The bag even had a pleather hot pink handle. It really was special and the price about 5 euros, I know a complete bargain, with most of my companions buying several. I had possibly bought the worlds worst fake bag on the face of the planet although I was in Paris if that makes it any more fashionable or perhaps it makes it even worse in hindsight…

Some of my more savvy companions bought leather knock offs at the Turkish bazaar and from what I can remember they were lovely bags, rip off but undetectable. Anyhow years later I decided I would like a Chanel bag, a genuine…

It can be second hand I thought… hmmm eBay shopping, a sea of fakes, it could a total waste of my funds on something that may not even be real. I then found preloved bag shops on line, I gulped at the prices this was not going to be a slap dash purchase. The Chanel bag is a life time purchase and for now out of reach….

In the mean time I am amusing myself with buying a genuine pair of Chanel earrings and bidding on insane items; my latest a Chanel tweed suit with pearl beading on the shorts cuffs… I know what your thinking, practical?? Well yes I can wear it when I am shopping on the French Rivera which is when??

Well obviously… when I have those several black BMW’s parked outside my estate.

Images courtesy of thepurseblogspot

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