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Interior Design or perhaps more modestly, DIY Interior Decorating or even humbly Home Decorating is in fact a highly becoming  hobby for a large percentage of the population. I would imagine it is mostly women making up this percentage, however I could be wrong but I am doubtful. It appears women of their late 20’s although more frequently early 30’s and beyond seem to be completely addicted to this trend. It seems to combine fashion and décor into one.

I never imagined myself crossing over into a love of linen at 30 and abandoning a love of overpriced fabulous fashion . Well this hobby seem to blur fashion and living into one.Not only do I choose to wear my new Aztec printed tights but I can also rest my patterned legs on a matching Aztec throw, I know… Its a sinister trend and I have not been the only one cast under its spell. I find a bazillion blogs, websites and Facebook pages dedicated to the art of  well… decorating.

However it’s not the timeless decorating of the past.  I can clearly remember my own mother decking out the house in ruffled three tiered chiffon drapes on any window or glass surface or buying a leather couch with outrageous stud detailing. Its something far more involved and far more changeable (the ruffled chiffon curtains were around at least 10 years). I believe for this group of people (myself included), who I am sure have some kind of name that I haven’t heard of… are completely obsessed by.

This kind of decorating in labour some, tiring and tedious although greatly rewarding (and way better than actually cleaning the house). The addict or home decorator scours design shops, second hand stores, fabric centres, auctions, online stores, EBay, garage sales even other people homes at a push for items to create the perfect setting, the right ambience, the perfect palette, the right impression, Oh I could go on.

This hobby is not exclusively for the rich, well it could be… however it appeals greatly to us middle class masses for its appeal lays in finding fabulous pieces at a great price. This is not to say that the decorator/designer/homemaker/addict is a cheap skate. Oh no they will find away to find that perfect piece at a fraction of the price and boy do they research…. A fabulous blog writer recently searched high and low for a deer head for her perfectly stylish dwelling and wow did she find her followers some great deer heads for less than $50 dollars, I know… I was excited too…I didn’t even want a deer head until I knew that I could get one for that price and then I thought for that price I could buy 2…… or even 3.

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